Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-05T14:27:13+01:00
Receiving enquiries2017-05-16T16:26:35+01:00

Enquiries are made via your property listings, a button is displayed named “Make an Enquiry”. These messages will be sent direct to your email supplied in the listings details. You can also reply directly to the email and the recipient will receive the message.

The responsibility of replying to enquiries is yours alone, we will accept no responsibility of missed messages.

Lets Advertise will not be able to access any messages after the initial enquiry, and we do not view these enquiries without consent.

Contacting Lets Advertise2017-05-16T16:23:45+01:00

If you require assistance which is not covered here, please contact

Removing a property2017-05-16T16:23:56+01:00

You can remove a property from Lets Advertise at any time, although we recommend not doing so and letting the property expire. This way your listing will be available immediately in the future if required.

All aspects of editing and viewing your properties is done via Your Dashboard, see “Viewing and editing your properties”.

Removing a property

To remove a property from Lets Advertise, simply click “Remove this property”, a confirmation will pop-up requesting to confirm you would like to delete this property.

Please note, removed property will no longer be obtainable and if you wish to advertise a removed property again, you will need to create a new listing.

How long are my properties listed2018-09-25T09:19:49+01:00

For convenience all properties are listed for 28 days from submission.

All aspects of editing and viewing your properties is done via Your Dashboard, see “Viewing and editing your properties”.

What happens when a listing expires?

When a listing expires it’s “Status” will change to Not Published, meaning that it will no longer be visible to guests of the website or anyone else except yourself. Your property will remain here indefinitely, unless you would like to remove the property completely, see “Removing a property”.

If you wish to resume advertising an expired property, simply click “Renew listing”. You will then be taken to the edit listing page, we recommend you check all details are correct and make any adjustments during this time. After checking all your information, re-submit your advert by first previewing your listing, and then by clicking Publish and Renew Now.

Viewing and editing your properties2017-05-16T16:29:09+01:00

After you have registered, signed into your account and created your property listing, you will be able to view and edit your listing at any time.

To view and edit your existing properties, click the “My Account” button on the menu, and select “View your rental properties”.

You will then be taken to another page which contains the overview of all your current properties as well as key information.

You can view your properties by clicking the name or image.

You can edit your properties by clicking “Edit” underneath the key information.

Adding a new property2017-05-17T11:41:12+01:00

After you have registered and signed into your account, you will be able to create your property listings.

Click the “My Account” button on the menu, and select “Add a new rental property”.

A form will show which you will need to fill in your property details and your contact details, any information or help will be shown beneath each field.

Upon finishing the form you will need to accept the terms and conditions, then click “Preview my listing”.

A preview of your listing will be shown, if you are happy with your listing, click “Publish”.


Each new property listing will need to be reviewed by one of the Lets Advertise Team, please allow 2 working days for your listing to be approved. During this time you can edit your advert.