Our engorged property market – and the ensuing housing crisis – has become a cornerstone of the British economy. Those who actively profit from it shouldn’t be absolved.

There are, broadly, two types of people in this world. Those who think landlords are price-gouging parasites, and the landlords perpetually surprised that everyone despises them.

Usually when you make a perfectly uncontroversial statement like the one above, someone – probably a landlord – will take exception. They will usually acquiesce that: there are some ‘bad’ landlords who are exploitative and deserving of extreme vitriol, sure, but these rotten eggs aren’t representative of landlords as a whole, many of whom are honest, hard-working, ‘good’ landlords. The purpose of this article is to say: no, there aren’t. It’s to reiterate what ought to be said all the time: there are no good landlords, only varying degrees of bad ones.


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