The experience of privately renting a house in the UK is terrible. Not just a little bit bad, but absolutely awful, worse than renting in almost any other rich country.

In London it is not uncommon to meet people who have not managed to stay anywhere longer than six months over the course of several years.

Renting under the current regime simply doesn’t provide decent, stable housing that one can consider a home.

Evictions or terminations at the end of a short contract are endemic. And in London Renters Union the complaint we hear most from renters, before they even complain about the level of the rent, is lack of repairs.

People are scared to complain about the failure of the landlords to do even basic repairs, let alone make the house look nice, because they can be evicted in revenge. Or they give up because after multiple complaints they are simply ignored.

So it is that in one of the richest countries in the world many people are living in almost slum-like conditions and can be made homeless on a whim.


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