The consultation into which major reforms to make to private sector tenancies, including the case for a Housing Court, longer tenancies and the future of Section 21, has now ended and the industry awaits the result.

Critics are calling for Section 21 evictions to be banned, arguing that they tilt the balance of power towards landlords. However, a survey carried out by Landlord Action, has revealed some interesting facts when it comes to the reasons landlords serve Section 21 notices, suggesting without them landlords may leave the sector for fear they have no power over their own property.

Of the landlords who responded to the survey, 73% said they have had to serve a Section 21 notice, with more than half (56%) using it because their tenant was in rent arrears. According to the data collected, there were no other common specified reasons for landlords to use it, with 22% of landlords simply selecting ‘other’.


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