It is with great regret that we have to announce the closure of Lets Advertise.

Existing advertisers will not be affected by this decision and your property advert will continue to be listed in accordance with our terms and conditions but regretfully we cannot accept any new listings.

The main reason for our decision has been Rightmove’s dramatic increase to their charging structure. In our opinion this decision by Rightmove penalises small and medium sized high street and online agents and benefits large high street and online agents.

Rightmove is in a quasi-monopoly position and in our opinion they use their position to bully smaller agents into paying more and more and enforce terms and conditions that they do not impose on larger agents. Their latest decision was to demand that a representative from Lets Advertise must visit every property we list. This simply adds cost to you the consumer without any benefit.

Interestingly Rightmove do not demand this of every agent who lists with them, we found many online agents who don’t have this requirement and consequently they were able to offer advertising on Rightmove at a cheaper price than we could offer. In other words advertising on Rightmove is not a level playing field.

This is especially so when it comes to their charging structure which, to us, appears to specifically penalise small and medium sized agents. Rightmove claim they have a universal charging structure but refuse to prove this by disclosing what the large agents are paying. We believe that small and medium sized agents, both high street and online, are effectively subsidising the large agents and are being bullied out of business by Rightmove.

Lets Advertise tried to offer a cheap, honest service to landlords and home owners in an industry not known for being either cheap or honest. We will continue to work to try and achieve this aim by looking at any and all other options for the future, but meanwhile we have no option but to close our current Lets Advertise proposition.

Thank you to all those landlords and home owners who supported us in the past.

If you have any questions please email us at support@letsadvertise.co.uk

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